CHER GOLAS on 4/13/17: Perfection in your form, is what you will achieve by having Alisha as an instructor, I had lower back pain, shoulder pain that would not go away, after learning how to correctly do certain exercises & learning Pilates & Barre I feel wonderful. I can’t thank her enough for not being afraid to correct people in their form, the littlest tilt, angle…. makes a huge difference! You will not be disappointed by her classes, knowledge or wonderful personality!

MONIQUE SCOTT on 1/17/2017: Great instructor! 

TRISTEN URBANI on 1/3/2017: This is a new pilates studio, with an very experienced instructor.  If you are new to pilates or have been taking it for years, this is the place.  Alisha (the owner and instructor) is a stickler for form, and will help you to perfect it. I look forward to going every week.

LORI MILLER on 11/19/2016: Almost 51 (tomorrow) and another 1st,,, Private Pilates lesson!! Alisha Strayer is amazing!! She knows her stuff,, I “thought” I knew what Pilates was until today!! I would recommend this to EVERYONE!!! Thank you Samantha Mendes LaCouture for the gift!! I will definitely be returning!!! Wow,, what an awareness call!!!!

DANA AFFINATI on 11/13/2016: Alisha’s classes are amazing! If you want a good workout or need help realigning your body back to itself, I would highly recommend coming to Body By Bliss Pilates Studio. I always feel so refreshed after taking any of her classes. She offers a variety of classes which is a plus! The studio is clean and all the equipment is new! And to top it off, Alisha is certified in all her teachings and walks you through anything you don’t understand. Not only is it a great studio but Alisha really knows her stuff!

RENEE ARROWOOD on 11/1/2016: Great classes and Alisha is a fantastic instructor. This is a wonderful studio in the Mystic area with a wide range of class offerings.

FARALA ALVAREZ on 11/1/2016: LOVED the class! Alisha knows her stuff! Beware she will not let you cheat!!!

SUE BURNS on 10/18/2016: I have been taking Pilates from Alisha for many, many years and have always felt great leaving her classes. My workouts are even better now with the equipment she has at her new studio! Alisha is an amazing instructor. She makes sure you get the most from your exercise by using correct form, encouraging while also challenging you, and she also is very careful to make modifications whenever needed. Whether beginner or experienced, you feel comfortable with Alisha and get her individual attention since classes are fairly small. I feel better than ever and highly recommend you stop in and give it a try!

DIANE ARMSTRONG on 10/10/2016: Challenging classes – mat- mixed apparatus & my FAVORITE the reformer! Alisha is a knowledgeable instructor who emphasizes the importance of correct form and has modifications to safely perform exercises if you have back, neck, or other physical issues etc. I love it there and couldn’t be happier!

ALYSSA MACLEAN on 10/6/2016: Body by Bliss is a great studio where you can get a terrific workout. Alisha Strayer, owner and instructor, is energetic, goal-oriented, and so knowledgeable about Pilates. She makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly, provides modifications, and always varies the workouts. I have been exercising with Alisha for years and never once had the same workout. You will be so happy you came to one of her classes. She will help you meet your fitness goals!