Body By Bliss and CT COVID-19 Prevention

Thank you for your continued patronage at Body By Bliss Pilates, Southeastern Connecticut’s premier Pilates studio. We are excited to reopen for private and semi-private sessions starting Monday, July 6th, 2020! We will continue offering virtual sessions and classes for those who are interested.

For in studio services, the following policies will be enforced to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and promote a safe environment for all participants.

  • Review & complete the updated studio waiver via WellnessLiving and/or the WellnessLiving client Achieve App
  • Wear a mask into & exiting the business
  • Wait over 6 feet away from the main entrance door (outside/by the parking lot) until invited inside by an employee
  • Use hand sanitizer from a touchless device upon arrival and before participation begins
  • Have your temperature taken & recorded using a touchless device
  • Review & agree to the COVID-19 liability waiver conditions
  • Remove outside/street shoes upon arrival
    • Wear clean/laundered socks with grips/stickies in studio 63 (Pilates Room)
    • Clean & disinfect shoes before entering studio 63A (Strength Training Room)
  • For Pilates apparatus sessions: apparel, accessories & jewelry that have zippers and/or embellishments that could damage the equipment is prohibited.
  • Silence smart devices before session or class begins
  • Masks options while working out
    • Clients may remove masks if adhering to 12 feet social distancing rules while working out. The equipment in the studio has been moved to accommodate accordingly.
    • Staff may remove masks if adhering to 12 feet social distancing rules while demonstrating exercises so that you can hear what we are saying at a distance.
    • 6 feet minimum social distancing rules will be enforced if all participants & staff are wearing masks.
    • No tactile feedback will be provided at this time by instructors.
  • Continue to clean & disinfect all equipment used at the end of participation and before departure
  • Provide payment in advance of services & manage schedule virtually using WellnessLiving and/or the WellnessLiving client Achieve application

Unfortunately, due to state regulations the following changes have also been made

  • Clients must bring their own beverages and/or purchase bottled beverages at the studio. We are no longer able to provide cups, water, or tea at this time.
  • No eating or chewing gum inside the studio while services are in session.
  • Personal care items will not be available at this time, including towels for face/sweat, etc.
  • The changing room is unavailable and cutting through the studio to use the restrooms is prohibited at this time. If you need to change or use the facilities prior or after your visit, please use the Velvet Mill entrance door to access the public restrooms. The restrooms are shared by the mill, so please note that studio staff is unable to manage the cleanliness of the restrooms. We are required to designate entrance and exit doors, which is why we are limiting the access through the studio for facility use only.
  • Studio admittance will be limited to clients with reservations at that specific time only. We are no longer able to provide a waiting or seating area and are not able to accommodate drop in visits. Please note that studio entrance doors may be locked if staff is unavailable to monitor the doors due to cleaning etc.